Independent record label

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Paul Dupont & His Orchestra - Tapestry (LP)

FR05LP | June 2020

Music by Roger Webb

Originally released in 1977 on Chappell (LPC 1087).

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MBML Vol.1 (LP)

FR04LP | January 2020

Compilation from the french library label Musax (1978-1979).

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Rubba - In Motion (LP)

FR03LP | June 2019

Originally released in 1980 on Music de Wolfe (DWS/LP 3428).

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Jacky Giordano - Timing Archives (LP)

FR02LP | December 2018

Compilation of Jacky Giordano's works recorded for the "Timing" series (1972-1975).

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Yan Tregger - Catchy (LP)

FR01LP | February 2018

Originally released in 1978 on Musical Touch Sound (M.T.S. 1001).

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